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Tent Lighting for Weddings & Events!

By February 12, 2016July 11th, 2018blog

Tent Lighting

When planning an event, many clients think of tents as a blank canvas; a way to control the elements, an opportunity for some to have their event on their own property. Some think of tents as “Plan B” if they should decide the week of their event that the weather is refusing to comply with their plans. Either way, having a tent as part of the backdrop can sometimes be the best solution! The amount of lighting options opens up with a tent. A tent can hold all of your guests in, make it a bit cozier, and bring more control to a situation with decor and lighting.

With tents, you can find many hanging points that might not have been available previously. Depending on what you choose, there are pole tents and frame tents (to decide which one works for you, I suggest you check out this link that compares the differences: Both have the propensity for great lighting.

Tulsa Wedding Tent LightingTulsa Wedding Wicker Lights

In a controlled environment, there are many ways to produce a great look for an event under a tent. Chandeliers and lanterns are perfect for tents to add ambiance. They can change the entire look of a tent. One of my favorite elements to include in a tent event, is to add projected patterns on the roof (if it is a closed non-see through style tent). Uplighting and pin spots also add their own character when a tent is involved. A tent can save a lot of money when the lighting company doesn’t have to set up truss or other manual rigging points that can cost extra.

Lighting a dance floor in a tent can be a bit tricky, depending on where the dance floor is set up. We here at Integrity Lighting have had the chance to make a few different choices when it came to lighting up what some call the “focal point” of the tent. We have raised truss pieces (metal structures that can be covered with draping in your choice of color) and strung bistro lights or edison drop down lights across it creating either an X pattern or more of a border around the dance floor. Some clients have chosen to project their monogram or logo in the center of the tent.

tent lighting tulsa weddingulsa wedding lighting led pool lights

Lighting can also be incorporated to areas outside the tent to add to the overall effect and ambiance of your event. Lights on trees, string lights, uplights, chandeliers, LED decor, etc. can be used to complete the look of your event.


Lighting can take an event to the next level, especially when a tent is involved. If you have questions about your upcoming event, call the professionals at Integrity Lighting, Inc. at 918-425-4446!




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