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Edison Lighting

By January 19, 2016January 20th, 2016blog

Custom Chandelier Tulsa Wedding Lighting

Edison Lights. They are this season’s number one request. Is it their amber color, their industrial look, their simplicity? Both weddings and galas alike have taken to this lighting design element. Integrity Lighting is proud to be the number one lighting company in Tulsa to provide this sophisticated look.

The trend of Edison lights can be found in many spots these days from wedding venues to restaurants. The shape and filament based on Thomas Edison’s original patent of his invention is very popular for couples ready to walk down the aisle. In fact, the Huffington Post has called the increase in these exposed lights as “the dream lighting scenario for rustic brides everywhere”. Pinterest has become filled to the brim with images of these vintage retro elements that have come across our computers more and more.

Here at Integrity Lighting, we provide this style of light in many forms. From single pendant and string lighting with drop down Edison lights to our chandeliers with over 30 Edison lights on them in a wagon wheel or sleek black frame.

Our first foray into Edison lights came to us when a bride was looking for something interesting to add to her wedding venue. The couple wanted to get married in the space they were having their reception and was wondering if we could design a lighting fixture that was both eye catching and still had a soft glow to it that didn’t over power the area. We built our first Edison bulb chandelier with black frame for this event and she loved it. They used the piece to get married under at the venue, too!

Drop Lights Wedding

One place in particular we’ve had the pleasure of lighting in this form is at Tulsa’s own historic, Cain’s Ballroom. A wedding party had contacted us to light their wedding and the couple had fallen in love with the Edison look (above). They were ordering long farmhouse tables to be placed in the center of the room and we decided to design two lines of drop down lights at different heights. If you are looking to have an intimate feel at a larger venue, Edison lights are the perfect fit. Check out this photo below of the Jazz Hall of Tulsa (below) where we took the drop down lights in an X formation over the dance floor using truss at each corner. The individual lights worked great for giving a candle-like vibe during the first dances.

Tulsa Jazz Hall of Fame Edison Lights

The Edison light chandeliers mixed with other decor can be the standout centerpiece for a Gala or fundraising event. We designed four chandeliers with many drop down Edison lights for the Brainaic Ball in Tulsa, OK (below) put on by Family and Children’s Services. Placed high in the Cox Business Center Ballroom, they gave the room a great glow and drew many compliments.

Tulsa Wedding String Light Chandelier


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