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Lighting for Brainiac Ball 2016

By June 10, 2016blog
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This year’s Braniac Ball, Family and Children’s Services annual fundraising gala in Tulsa, at Cox Business Center in Tulsa, OK was bigger and brighter than ever before. Combining a “smart” look with this year’s Mad Scientist theme took the creativity of this event to the next level.

Brainiac Ball 2016-1

Brainiac Ball 2016 Event & Party Lighting

Integrity Lighting worked closely with FCS’s event staff to flesh out their theme into what elements they wanted represented.  There were gobo patterns made for the front area of the ballroom in big letters proclaiming it the MAD SCIENTIST LAB, equipped with a scientist mixing potions and props from one of cinema’s most popular scientist movies, Back To The Future. Guests were allowed to take a seat and picture in the DeLorean made to look exactly like the movie’s famous time traveling car. We used Martin Professional Glaciators to give the look of thick, low lying fog.

Brainiac Ball 2016-10Brainiac Ball 2016-9

In the main area of the ballroom hung four gold chandeliers that replicated an atom. Our lighting designer, Steve Nance, lit the ballroom with Martin Mac 700s and Mac 100’s to bring in the florescent colors (greens, ambers and blues) commonly associated with science themes.

Bubble gobos were also used to accent the cloud ceiling to futher enhance the overall look. A first for our team, all four projection screens were connected in a diamond shape above the dance floor for all guests to view the list of sponsors (animation was phenomenal on these) and auction item videos, created by Integrity’s Live Events Coordinator, Eric Himan, brought detail to the impressive packages offered up for the auction.

Brainiac Ball 2016-5Brainiac Ball 2016-2

Throughout the night, many cues were given to create a fun flow. KOTV’s own chief meteorologist, Travis Meyer, entered the stage with giant fog blasters after a 30 second countdown explosion on the screens.

Brainiac Ball 2016-4

Brainiac Ball would not be complete without its trivia games. Three rounds of trivia played on the screens hosted by Josh Ritchey, of Live Event Entertainment.

The crowd danced into the night with music provided by Aaron with Oncore Production and lighting simulated by our very own lighting designer.

Thank you to Family and Children’s Services for entrusting the team here at Integrity Lighting, Inc. with the AVL needs of Brainiac Ball.