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Arkansas Super Summer 2015

By July 15, 2015August 8th, 2015blog
It’s always a pleasure to work with Joey Licklider. We met Joey years ago while doing Reach Camps at Ouachita Baptist University. Joey was an assistant tech director for the Jones Performing Arts Center. He has since become the head tech director and designer for JPAC.


We asked Joey to tell us bit about his design for Arkansas Super Summer.
“For this design I had some idea of some things that I wanted to try that I hadn’t done before. I wanted to  put truss visible on stage and decided this time to run them upstage/downstage for a different look. We added Martin Mac101 LED moving lights to these side trusses, then gave a different stage angle for the effects the moving lights were able to do. I also had the help of my assistant, Stephen, who came up with the idea of the curved LED tube array. I also wanted to experiment more with LED tape and find fun ways to use it. The LED tubes in the array are made from clear fluorescent light tube protecters. We took Rosco 111 frost rolls and cut them to 5 inches wide and 8 feet long to put inside the tube to frost and diffuse the LED color from the tape. The LED tape is attached to the outside of the tube with gaff tape to hold in place. The tubes are then zip tied to a hanging wooden frame that gave us the structure to make the curved array. The tubes are able to each be controlled with the use of a few 24-channel led controllers and power supplies. The curved array gave us a lot of neat options for color and intensity chases and effects. There was lots of planning to get the IMAG and lyrics screen in the right place to fit the rear projection beam in the right place under the tubes. The final design and setup gave some really great colors and looks. I was very pleased with the results!”

Gear list from Integrity Lighting

8 Martin Mac 700

8 Martin Mac 101

17 LED tape tubes, built in-house

Jands Vista T4

In-house supplied Pars, Ellipsoidals, LED washes, truss, star drop, etc. 

Lighting Designer: Joey Licklider

Assistant Designer: Stephen Vaughn



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