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NUNS Album Release Show

By May 23, 2014July 22nd, 2015blog

When I first started Integrity Lighting, Inc. I was also playing drums in a band. A good friend of mine, Hank Charles, was playing guitar for the band. I also knew Hank from Valcour Sound, where I recorded many tracks in his studio with various bands. Over the years, Hank also has mixed audio for countless Integrity Lighting & Sound events.
Hank has a son, also named Hank who we called “Little Hank”. At the shows, we had this whole bit where they would get mad at me and kick me off the drums, bringing Hank’s 8 year old son, (Little Hank) up on the stage, where he would proceed to kill it and the crowd would go NUTS!!!
Now all these years later he is still killing it as the front man, along with his sister Christy on drums, in a band called NUNS. We had the opportunity to provide lighting for their album release party this past weekend.

“Describing his music as “melodic, psychedelic rock with very Beatle-y bass lines” between swigs of coffee at Village Inn on the eve of the final mixing session for “Opportunities,” Hanewinkel is excited about the approaching release, which he co-produced with his father, studio owner and musician Hank Charles.”
Check out more from the TulsaPeople article. 

It was such a joy to watch these two, along with their band mates rock the stage.

Hank & Christy, it was an honor lighting you guys up!

Steven Nance

Check them out for yourself :
NUNS Facebook