Where Can I Rent Audio Equipment in Tulsa or OKC?

If you’re looking to rent audio equipment in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, you’re probably wondering where to start. There are a number of places you can get basic equipment, but whether that gear will be operational is another matter entirely. It takes a lot of upkeep to ensure speakers, control boards, wiring, and cords are all in tip-top shape, especially considering the beating most equipment takes during a concert or other live event.

There’s also the customer service factor. When you rent audio equipment, how easy it the process going to be? Will you have help choosing the right pieces? Will you be on your own if something goes wrong? What if you’re not familiar with a new, state-of-the-art gadget – is there someone who can help?

At Integrity Lighting, we take “full service” very seriously and our reputation matters to us. That’s why we make it a point to maintain our equipment and do everything in our power to ensure that it gets used correctly. That includes training and follow-up too. Interested? Schedule your consultation and free quote today.

How Do I Rent Audio Equipment for My Event or Concert?

Maybe you’re about to throw a sweet sixteen party for your daughter or an anniversary party for your parents, and live music is definitely on the agenda. Or perhaps you run an event venue and you have a world tour due for a stop and you’re a few stage monitors and a board short. Whether your needs are large or small, we rent audio equipment you can use to achieve your goals.

Each audio gear rental from Integrity Lighting starts with a free consultation. We’ll ask some questions about your upcoming production and your chosen venue, get a feel for your overall vision for the event, and then make some recommendations of our own. We’ll also discuss details regarding things like delivery, set up, pick up, and payment. You’ll leave with a customized quote and a good idea as to what you can expect should you decide to forge ahead.

Have questions now? Go ahead and give us a call at (918) 425-4446.

Which Audio Equipment Rental Company Offers Superior Customer Service?

Not all businesses that rent audio equipment handle things with the same customer-friendly approach favored by Integrity Lighting. We believe in putting our clients’ needs first. It’s not just a smart way to operate, it also makes sense in the long run – the better our relationship is, the more likely we are to fully understand the direction you want to go in so we can help you plan a successful production. In terms of audio equipment, becoming familiar with your experience level, the show you’re putting on, and the gear you already have allows us to make recommendations for rigging that will work for your specific needs.

In search of some inspiration for your event? Check out our portfolio to see pictures of our previous productions – you might find something that sparks your imagination!

How Do I Schedule Renting Audio Equipment?

It’s easy to rent audio equipment from Integrity Lighting. Simply call us up or use our online contact form to outline your needs and we’ll be in touch as quickly as possible. We’ll talk about your production, ask a few questions about both your goals and what kind of set-up you may already have in place, and learn about the act you’ll be hosting. As different types of music and band configurations have different requirements, the more we know the more helpful we can be.

We can also talk about other options for lighting and production design that you may want to explore. In addition to Tulsa audio equipment rentals, we offer everything from pin spots to fabric draping. To see the extent of our expertise, check out our services.