Which Company Offers Oklahoma City Lighting Rental Services?

If you’re looking for Oklahoma City lighting rental companies, you’ve already found the best team of experts in the business. Integrity Lighting excels at taking client ideas and transforming them into real-world concepts that never cease to amaze. Have a master plan you can’t quite explain? We’ll talk you through it, capture the essence of your thoughts, and put together a display that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. It’s what we do and we absolutely love it.

Why are rental lights so important? In short, they’re the unsung heroes of every event. From projecting the right mood and creating an unforgettable atmosphere to highlighting the guest of honor or the host company, the right lighting is the key to crafting an event that stands head and shoulders above the rest. If you want to be different and have your guests rave about their experience afterward, then great event lighting is essential.

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What Can an Oklahoma City Lighting Rental Company Help Me Do?

As your Oklahoma City lighting rental company, we can help you with everything from figuring out your wedding lighting rental needs to designing the installations for a grand opening, concert, charity gala, or school/church play. Our skill set translates to a wide variety of situations – you provide the scenario and we’ll come up with the solutions.

At Integrity Lighting, we also provide additional services to complement your choices. Our audio and video setups, live production execution, and cache of rental equipment are second-to-none. Incorporating all of these offerings under one umbrella allows us to see to our clients’ needs in an all-encompassing manner that most lighting businesses just can’t match. To understand the full scope of Integrity Lighting’s capabilities, check out our list of services.

Does Integrity Lighting Offer Oklahoma City Lighting Rentals?

Integrity Lighting may be centered in Tulsa, but we also service Oklahoma City, bringing our expertise to a wider range of clients. We love getting to interact with customers from a broad spectrum of industries; not only is it interesting for us, it gives us the opportunity to come up with new and exciting designs that suit each client’s individual needs.

Sometimes that means helping you choose equipment rentals that you can use to augment your own rigging or concert setups. If you’re hosting a huge act and find yourself short an onstage monitor or in need of some extra pin lights, we’re ready to head into our warehouse and earmark the appropriate pieces.

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How Do I Schedule Oklahoma City Rental Lighting?

Scheduling your Oklahoma City lighting rental is incredibly easy. Once you reach out to us and let us know you’re interested, we’ll be in touch to work out a time when we can sit down and discuss all the details. We’ll get to know more about you and your business or organization, learn a bit about your venue, and listen as you describe your overall vision for your event. Then, we’ll make some recommendations and discuss the possibilities for logistical issues such as delivery, setup, pickup, and payment so there are no surprises.

Once we agree on all the particulars, we’ll put you on our books and get to work. Along the way, you’ll get plenty of updates and in some cases, you can even visit our WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) studio to get a glimpse of work in progress.

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