Where Can I Find a Lighting Vendor for Weddings in Tulsa?

When you’re looking to book a vendor in Tulsa that excels at lighting for weddings, you should always choose a company that blends professionalism with a personal touch. A special, once-in-a-lifetime event like your wedding demands perfection and at Integrity Lighting we won’t settle for anything less. We want to make your big day wonderfully memorable and that requires a full-service approach to not only your lighting design, but to your wedding as a whole.

As part of our comprehensive list of services, we’re happy to help clients who need to rent sound equipment for receptions or rehearsal dinners and we can also provide a variety of visual components. Think of us as a multifaceted addition to your wedding team – with the assistance of our talented technicians, we’ll help you convert a static venue into a stunning example of visual and audio excellence.

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What Types of Lighting for Weddings Are Available?

Lighting for weddings comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. For clients planning a fairytale wedding or who prefer a rustic feel for their nuptials, we love to string up row after row of twinkly fairy lights. For a more vintage look, we steer our brides and grooms towards the old-school glow of globe lights. You can even combine the two for a unique and whimsical effect.

If drama is more your style, consider floor-to-ceiling color washes that echo the hues you chose for your bridesmaids’ dresses and flowers. Show off your cake or highlight your sweetheart table with pin spots, see your name in lights thanks to custom gobos, or recreate the dance-floor magic of Studio 54 with spinning disco balls. In need of a total transformation? Even a simple recreation hall can mimic a French chateau once we’ve worked our magic with fabric draping and chandeliers.

The best part about all these ideas is that they’re completely customizable. For more inspiration, visit our page dedicated to wedding lighting.

Where Can I Find Tent Lighting for Weddings in Tulsa?

Outdoor wedding lighting can be tricky but it also presents a lot of opportunities for creativity. You’ll want to have plenty of light for your photographer to capture important moments such as the cutting of the cake, your first dance, and candid moments during the reception, but you don’t want to kill the mood by over-illuminating the space with harsh lighting or garish colors. In truth, designing the perfect al fresco wedding is all about balance, and our team is the best there is.

Couples who want to keep their guests out of the elements at an outdoor wedding often worry about how a rental tent will look. We treat that tent like a blank canvas, using our lighting equipment to add depth, direct attention where you want it most, and add considerable interest to what was once a simple white room.

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Why is Lighting for Weddings Important?

Have you ever tried to have a romantic dinner in a restaurant that was entirely too bright? When’s the last time you took a photo outside at night that came out looking like you hoped it would? Which is more memorable, a five-tier cake no one can see or one that looks even more majestic thanks to strategically installed uplighting?

Having the right lighting for weddings is absolutely essential because it helps dictate the mood and overall feel of your event. Lighting adds energy, infuses the festivities with charm, and brings your theme to vivid, unforgettable life.

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