Who Offers Lighting Design for the Exterior of My Business in Tulsa, OK?

Lighting design is often thought of as a temporary thing or as an asset solely intended for the interior of a business or venue. However, the truth is that lighting the exterior of a building can affect monumental change and completely alter how a space is viewed. Architectural lighting can be used to highlight specific features of interest, attract the attention of a passersby, or transform a building to reflect the theme or color scheme of a special event. Some schools light up their exterior in class colors for graduation, while a company might amp up the drama at a corporate gala by splashing the outside walls with a color wash or an oversized version of the company logo.

These are just a few ways that lighting design can bring the exterior of your business to life. Are you interested in exploring other ideas? The team at Integrity Lighting would love to help! Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our friendly and creative lighting experts.

What Options Are Available for Commercial Lighting Design?

The options for commercial lighting design are limited only by your imagination and budget. We can work inside or outside your building, build permanent installations, or construct temporary designs for special occasions. We already work with entities in a variety of industries including architectural firms, houses of worship, theaters, casinos, event centers, and we come up with creative solutions for each and every one.

If you’re located in the greater Tulsa area and you’d rather have your gathering away from your home base, consider our event center. We can accommodate everything from tour rehearsals to television or video filming, and amenities like a 250-person occupancy and tons of power and rigging availability make our center a rental jackpot.

Can Integrity Lighting Help Illuminate the Outside of My Museum, Event Center, Church, or Casino?

Absolutely! When you need lighting design to help illuminate the outside of your building, Integrity Lighting is the perfect company to call. The grand opening of your new museum wing can be truly spectacular with the addition of a jaw-dropping lighting display that welcomes donors and VIP guests with a bang.

Hosting a stop as part of a huge rock band’s international tour? Get the energy up before the group even hits the stage when you greet ticket holders with sweeping spotlights and a gobo featuring the band’s name projected in larger-than-life lights. Even casinos get a boost from rigging that multiplies gamblers’ excitement and turns poker night into an affair of epic proportions.

Take advantage of the creative minds at Integrity Lighting and you’ll discover even more ways to separate your event from the competition. For examples of our Tulsa architectural lighting in action, browse through our portfolio.

What Are a Few Examples of Creative Lighting Design?

Imagine all the art at your next charity auction displayed in a glorious fashion thanks to pin spots that keep all your guests’ eyes trained on the important stuff. Or maybe you need to get the party started and fill up the dance floor – for that, battery-operated LED lights and a few strategically hung disco balls will turn a typical hotel ballroom into a club that rivals Studio 54. Then there’s the soft, romantic, or even whimsical effect you get from artfully haphazard fairy lights or the high-end atmosphere you can project with swaths of fabric draping and sparkling chandeliers.

Creative lighting design takes many forms and there are bound to be several options that get your heart racing. When you’re looking for help with Tulsa lighting design, you want the professionals at Integrity Lighting. Learn more about our team to see why we love our jobs so much.